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With our new eXtremely large Puffy cylinders (2 1/2"). You can have a whole new experience by enlarging the areole area and your nipples at the same time. You'll see a dramatic improvement in the size of your nipple area that will look and feel fantastic under that tight blouse or T-Shirt.

Cylinders are extra deep and work extremely well in a short period of time.

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The nipples are 2 of the most erotic parts of the body. big nipples

Who doesn't like to see two perky nipples pushing out of a tight blouse or tee shirt. If you are a Nipple challenged person
we have a wide selection of products that will help you exercise your nipples so you can experience more sensitivity, increases the size of your nipples and increases the pleasure derived from nipple foreplay.


Increase Bust Size
Increase Nipple Size
Increase Nipple Sensitivity

Body Jewelry

Designer Costume Clitoral


Designer Holiday Nipple


Designer Costume Nipple


Designer Costume Clamp


Designer Penis


Designer Leather Nipple


Pyramid Weighted Nipple


Weighted Nipple Clamps


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