Nipple Suckers  
Erector Set Pack

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Item Number: DPD323621-2
Price: $37.95


The Pack gives you 2 each of the same size. That way you can suck both nipples with the same size opening. You get 2 small bulbs and 2 larger bulbs.

Enhance your assets with this sexy nipple erector kit. This set of nipple pumps comes with two manual pumps; one with a smaller opening to start with, and one with a larger opening to make your nipples even larger, if desired. Simply slip on one of the O-rings from the several sizes included over the pump tip beforehand. Once the desired "perk" is achieved, slip the O-ring off the pump and around your nipple to keep the effect and keep your nipples (and your lover!) firm and ready for play. Color: Flesh Type: Nipple Pump Length: 3 1/2" Special Features: O-Ring Set Included

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