Puffy Makers™  
Deluxe Xtremely large puffy set/Pump with Gauge

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Item Number: AP-puff02
Price: $109.95


Made especially to our specifications these cylinders come with a tube built in the top to bring the nipple out during the enlargement of the aureola. For those wishing for the truly BIG Puffies, This is the best kit money can buy. Almost 2 1/2 inches of enlarged pulsating pumped aureola will have you begging for that intimate touch and rub. You and your special friend will be truly amazed.

This set includes the High pressure Plastic Pistol Vacuum Pump w/Gauge, 2 Xtremely large puffy cylinders with the new nipple tube, Hose and the"Freedom Connectors" for pump free movement. This set will enlarge your aureola in no time.

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